Merrick House is named for Dr Margaret Merrick. We offer bed-sitting rooms with private bathrooms and other facilities to older people, with encouragement to live as independently as possible.

Rent is arranged to suit each resident’s means. It includes heat and other utilities, and a hot lunch daily (including Christmas). We qualify for Rent Supplement from the Dept of Social Protection.

We welcome men and women of all denominations and none, and provide unobtrusive support where necessary. We do not provide nursing care.

The company that owns and runs Merrick House has been in existence since 1900. Now known as Merrick House DAC, we are a Registered Charity and an Approved Housing Body regulated by the Housing Agency. Our Board of Directors and Management Committee are all volunteers, receiving no pay or expenses. We have six part-time staff and gratefully accept donations.

Our mission is to provide clean, pleasant, affordable, private accommodation, with social support, for people who need it.

The directors of Merrick House DAC:

  • Torunn Dahl (Chair)
  • Edie MacGarry (Company Secretary)
  • Angela Bourke
  • Gemma O’Donoghue
  • Alan Harrison
  • Keith Gillmor
  • Shane Brannigan
  • Paul Reck

Our address is:

Merrick House DAC

Merrick House

Eaton Road


Dublin 6W

D6W HP96

Contact us

T: +353 (0)1 490 9816


Merrick House is located on Eaton Road, Terenure, just west of Terenure Road North, near the Health Centre and the public car park.

Merrick House Designated Activity Company is a company limited by shares. Company registration number 2536. Registered charity number 6448.  Charities Regulatory Authority number 20011888