Here are some of the things that families have said about their experiences with Merrick House.
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All our family are grateful for the care and attention our mother received at Merrick House. We took great comfort in the knowledge that she’d found such a secure and caring environment, so close to where she’d lived for almost sixty years. Ken, Kilkenny

-Ken Bourke

Both my Father and Aunt spent many a happy year in Merrick House. My Dad really enjoyed living there, he found the staff and fellow residents very friendly and enjoyed their company. The independence of your own room in such a great location was one of the many things about Merrick House that Dad loved. The staff are very professional and friendly, it was a great piece of mind for me knowing that they were there to look out for Dad. He really enjoyed his time there and often said that if he won the lotto he wouldn’t move, quite the endorsement!
– Mark Ryan

Merrick House is a residential home for those who like their independence but require some help. This is provided by a caring, compassionate, friendly and efficient staff who follow the example of their benefactor Dr Margaret Merrick. Location is convenient in a village close to all amenities, all of this we have witnessed as my brother who spent 5 happy years there until his passing.

– Michael Tynan